First Day in Atlanta

Today, the Lillington Presbyterian Youth set off on their journey to Atlanta, Georgia. The drive seemed never ending but once we arrived in the city, we knew it was going to be worth it. The First Presbyterian Church was huge compared to ours! Once we unpacked, we walked to a nearby Panera Bread for dinner where we could settle down and enjoy each others company. When we came back to FPC we met Brittany who was going to be our bible study leader for the next couple days. Some of us were surprised to see that she had purple hair and multiple tattoos. As she began to talk, we realized we could see her passion for God and helping others. We immediately warmed up to her and began making our covenants for the mission trip. We all came to an agreement that we needed to respect each other and be open to uncomfortable situations.  Then, we opened our bibles to Mark 5: 21-43. In these verses, we learned about how Jesus cares for all and takes time to notice those who most people would ignore. At the end of the bible study, we split into groups to talk about our hopes and fears about the upcoming days. Many of us discussed our fear of being able to start a conversation with the homeless community. After discussing our fears, we realized that being uncomfortable is part of this trip and that we should embrace it and learn from it. We are excited about being involved in Mercy Church and their involvement with the homeless community. 
Ella Prince and Teagan Tillman