Mercy Community Church

The Lillington Presbyterian Church Youth woke up bright and early in order to arrive at Mercy Community Church for our first activities of the day. Mercy Community Church is located in a small corner next to Druid Hills Presbyterian Church. There sanctuary is a small, brightly decorated room with a small kitchen in the front. From wall to wall, flags were hung with pictures of the members on them. Mercy Community Church is a tight knit community filled with compassion. However, 95% of the congregated live on the streets of Atlanta. We all were slightly nervous when we arrived but soon our worries disappeared when we were welcomed with open arms by the members. We were also welcomed by the Pastor, Chad, and Brittany, the assistant pastor and our bible study leader for our trip! We began to socialize with some of the members and learn there stories. Before Bible study, some youth members were shown the clothing closet. Mercy Community Church’s clothing closet not much to look at. All of the clothes and supplies in the closet were donated so sometimes there isn’t much to go around. Even though supplies ran short you could tell that all who went in were thankful. When the time came for worship the members brought a new meaning to “making a joyful noise”.We all grabbed homemade instruments and began to sing along with Pastor Chad and his guitar. We may not have been exactly in tune but we certainly had fun. During Bible study Pastor Chad lead us in a lesson on John 6: 33-51. We talked about how Jesus was the bread of life and that how anyone who comes to him will never be hungry or thirsty again. When Bible study was finished we packed up sandwiches, soup, and snacks and headed for the streets. We made multiples stops on the sidewalk and met more people who live on the streets of Atlanta. After everyone had been served, Brittany encouraged us to be served as well! We all got some food and eat with our new friends on the side walk. This was very special for all of us. Some of the people were served showed so much gratitude! When we were finished we all made out long trek back to Mercy Community Church and began to clean up. At the end of the experience we reflected with Brittany and Chad. We all learned so much and formed so many relationships. Going and serving in Mercy Community Church was an experience will all will never forget.
by: Cameron Mewborn , and Landon Graham