Dear Church Family,
It is an exciting time at Lillington Presbyterian Church.  Wonderful things are happening at LPC including over 35 youth and children actively participating in children and youth ministries, deep discussions during Sunday School, sisters quilting for the sick and lonely, and God calling us to come and see how the Holy Spirit is at work at STAR Academy.  In addition to all of these and many other community and faith building opportunities at LPC, we are energized about the upcoming renovations.
We believe God is calling us to renovate the building in two phases.  The first phase is the Education Building and Fellowship Hall.  A detailed explanation of how we got here, the scope of the work and details of the various phases can be found in the narthex and our website at  Just click on the “Renovating our Building, Building Our Future” logo.
As the renovation team moved throughout the campus trying to discern and think about what updates were needed to the building, we discovered that our church home is more than brick and mortar.  The church building is a place for ministry, fellowship and worshiping God.  Although, God calls us to go out and follow Jesus, all outreach starts at our church home.  After much prayer and discernment, we believe the renovation to our church building will secure a place for us all to come and worship safely together for the next 20 years.
Even though LPC has hired PHC Restoration to oversee the renovations we still need everyone’s involvement.  A congregation cannot take on something of this magnitude without 100% involvement.  Here are the ways we are asking for your help:
  1. Continue to pray for the renovations and LPC
  2. Prayerfully consider how much you can assist monetarily
  3. Prayerfully consider helping with one of the following teams (less than 12 month commitment)
    1. Celebration Team
    2. Slogan Decoration Team
    3. Building Decoration Team
    4. Historical Team
    5. Communication Team
    6. Social Media Team
 We thank the session and the congregation for allowing us to be part of this amazing renovation team.  Although the work is just getting started, we have enjoyed each other and look forward to working with our church family to finalize the project.  If you have any questions, please see a member of the renovation team:  Ron Hill, Dianne Johnson, Ali Payne, Barrett Payne, Jay Smith, Josh Smith, Cornelia Stewart, Rodney Tart or Vikki Wilbourne.
Grace and Peace,
Renovation Team