Our Mission & Vision

Lillington Presbyterian Church is a vibrant and nurturing congregation serving through mission and witness as living examples of God’s love and grace.


Our History

A vision, a dream, and the faith of eight ladies led to the formation of Lillington Presbyterian Church.  A faded small note found in papers belonging to one of those ladies, Mrs. Ella Atkins, declared their intent to see a Presbyterian church in the town of Lillington.

The undersigned, Presbyterian ladies of Lillington, realizing the need of a Presbyterian Church in our town, do unite in an effort to raise the necessary funds and we pledge ourselves to use all diligence and energy towards the speedy erection of the same.  We earnestly request all friends to join us in our efforts.

 Mrs. E.A. Atkins,                                    Mrs. F.P. Johnson,                                Mrs. W.F. Hockaday,

Mrs. M.R. Morgan,                                Mrs. U.H. Parker,                                  Mrs. J.A. Green,

Mrs. F.J. Cox,                                        Mrs. S.A. Salmon.

This undated note led to the purchase of the land on which the church stands; that purchase was made for thirty dollars.
Faithful men and women worked to obtain the funds to build.  Plays and suppers were means of raising money.  So many ice cream socials and oyster stews were held that over time people were heard to say that Lillington Presbyterian Church was built on an island of oysters surrounded by cream.  Those funds combined with the labors of so many saw the completion of a wooden church on a dirt street in Lillington in 1907.  The cornerstone reads 1907 but our church was not organized until 1910.  There were forty-two charter members on roll on May 10, 1910, the birth date of Lillington Presbyterian Church.
The majority of those members came from Summerville Presbyterian Church, our founding church..  The first minister was called in 1911. 

Over the years, many changes have been made to update our facility.  Noted below are a few structural changes made to our church:

  • 1929 more than a dozen rooms and a basement added.  Church was also brick veneered
  • 1942 stained glass windows were added
  • 1948 front of church was paved
  • 1953 educational building completed
  • 1984 renovation of the choir loft
  • 2001 handicap ramp was completed 


Come join us on a journey as we all enter to worship God within these walls and depart to serve the mission of Jesus Christ worldwide.
A vision, a dream, and faith continue…