Dear Church Family,
The congregation of Lillington Presbyterian Church met Sunday, September 8, 2019 to hear an overview of the renovation discussions held during the past 12 months. In August 2018 the session decided that before a new building was built the cosmetic updates within the CE building and Sanctuary needed to be addressed.
The session also made the recommendation that we look at updating the entire campus in three phases. Phase one was the purchase of the home on Loftin (Mission Annex) and the home on Main (now community garden). This phase is complete. The second phase will be to renovate the CE building and Sanctuary. The third phase will be to build a new building giving the church more room for fellowship.
In September 2018 the session had two listening sessions with the congregation and explained this plan. In addition they listened to what the congregation thought of the plan and their ideas on updating the current structure.
The feedback the session received led them to move forward with this three phase approach and hire an outside contractor to oversee the work. The session appointed a renovation team that began meeting regularly at the end of 2018. After many months of planning, praying and discussion the renovation team focused on three points during the meeting on September 8, 2019.
First, Rodney Tart gave a history of the meetings held by the renovation team over the past 8 months. He said that after much discussion, the team decided to focus on cosmetic updates only. In addition, the team elected to divide renovations into two parts – Phase 2a and 2b. 2a will update the CE building and the fellowship hall only. Phase 2b will update the sanctuary.  There will be a future meeting to discuss the sanctuary updates.  No plans or ideas have been discussed around phase 2b.
Second, Cornelia Stewart spoke about the contractor selected. The team discussed all possibilities from hiring the specific jobs out individually to various contractors in Harnett County. Instead, the team elected to use PHC Restoration as the contractor. The two main reasons PHC was selected was their reputation for quality work and their interest and dedication to LPC. Taking these reasons into consideration, the committee members felt there was no other company that would do a better job.
Third, Josh Smith revealed the scope of improvements that were prioritized based off the listening sessions held in Sept. 2018, sessions recommendations and months of planning by the renovation team. The following items were listed in the priority:
  1. Doors: All classroom doors will have windows and lock sets installed for security purpose. All exterior doors will be replaced by commercial-grade doors with push-bar openers that swing out for fire safety.
  2. Ceiling: The current drop ceiling and grid upstairs will be removed completely and replaced with 4×2 ceiling tiles and smaller grid. This will enhance the look and make replacements easier to replace and maintain.
  3. Flooring: The first floor coverings will be replaced with luxury plank flooring. The carpet on the second floor will be removed and the existing hardwood floors and steps will be sanded and refinished. Runners and rugs will be placed throughout the church.
  4. Paint: All walls and trim will be repainted upstairs and downstairs.
  5. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Bathroom toilets will be replaced with ones recommended by the ADA and bars will be placed in restrooms.
  6. Environmental Considerations: In areas needed, environmental protection for the church, future members and the current grounds will be addressed, corrected and updated.
After Josh’s presentation, Marie Salmon of the stewardship committee gave a brief report on the church finances. In addition it was reported that First Bank, where the church’s deposit accounts are maintained, has offered to finance the costs of the improvements, using the church’s New Covenant investment as collateral. More details on the church financials will be given on Oct. 6 during the Stewardship lunch immediately following worship.
Thank you for your prayers for the renovation team, stewardship team and the direction of LPC. Overwhelmingly the persons present encouraged the church to move forward with phase 2a. Many present believed the renovations fit into how they believed God calls us to worship, serve each other and the community. We are excited about where God is calling us now and open to where the Holy Spirit will lead us in the future.
If you would like to get involved please prayerfully consider helping in the following ways:
  1. Prayerfully consider giving monetarily to help fund the project.
  2. Prayerfully consider joining a team to help during the renovation (one year commitment or less):
  3. Historical Team
  4. Campaign Decorations
  5. Campaign Celebrations
  6. Social Media Communications
  7. Written Communication
  8. Building Decor
 If you have any questions about the renovation please see a team member: Ron Hill, Dianne Johnson, Ali Payne, Jay Smith, Josh Smith, Cornelia Stewart, Rodney Tart or Vikki Wilbourne. If you have questions about the finances of the church please see a stewardship team member: Townsend Quinn, Marie Salmon or Eddie Tobler. If you would like to join one of the above teams to physically assist or have an idea for a team, please see Miranda Owen.
Grace and Peace,
Renovation Team