Renovation Weekly Updates


Check back here each week for the latest update on our renovations!

Week 1: 
Demolition of Downstairs – Removal of  all Asbestos Materials
Week 2: 
Demolition of Upstairs – Removed all ceiling tiles, ceiling grids, and carpet 
Week 3: 
Doors – Installed windows to all classroom doors
Week 4: 
The goal of week 4 was to install the downstairs floor, however, the floors were damaged  and we sent them back to the manufacturer.  Instead of installing the floors we moved upstairs to the 2nd floor of the CE building and installed ceiling grids.  In addition to the grids being added, the downstairs walls continued to get prepared for painting.  At the end of the week, PHC began painting walls.
Week 5: 
Downstairs walls and trim painting were completed.  Another check off the list!  Ceiling tiles on the second floor began to be installed and bathroom prep to make handicap accessible began. 
Week 6: 
Ceiling Tile installation completed.  Walls on the 2nd floor prepared to be painted. 
Week 7: 
Ceiling tiles were installed, bathroom work continues, and the walls upstairs have been prepped and painted.
Week 8: 
Floors – Installing new flooring downstairs in the education building while starting the sanding of the upstairs floors.
Week 9: 
Floors – Sanding and refinishing of the hardwood floors on the second floor of the education building.

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